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Most people seeking orthodontic treatment have other important obligations during the day usually involving work or school. When orthodontic treatment begins patients will be seen approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. Some of these appointments will conflict with work or school schedules.

We have devoted considerable time and effort into designing our appointment system. We want you to be seen on time for your appointment and to have adequate time for each appointment to do the necessary procedure. We will do our best to accommodate your school or work schedule.

Keep in mind that longer (major) appointments are scheduled in the morning and shorter (adjustment) appointments are usually scheduled after school or early in the morning. In this way, an entire afternoon is not committed to one or two patients, but rather is scheduled to accommodate as many patients as possible for after school appointments. If you ever wish to come to the office during a quieter time, please ask to schedule an appointment during school hours.Phone: 831.422.7424

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